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    Do you have two accounts for messaging, tired to login and out to receive different messages?
    Do you have multiple game accounts, want them all online to get the experience?
    Do you have dual social accounts for work and personal life, desire to parallel them?Now two accounts have been created to meet your dreams!
    “2 Accounts” is designed for users who log more than one account of the app with just one phone, while your primary account and other account data are in parallel and separate storage. .

    ★ an app, all message:
    We support the most instant messaging. Multiple accounts can work simultaneously on the same device, contact different friends and share parallel information.
    ★ Double game experience:
    You can open two game accounts for Google Play and get the experience of both accounts at the same time! Now we support 99% of the top sports!
    ★ Fast switch between the interface
    ★ privacy and security

    In addition, you can become our VIP and get more professional features, such as:
    ★ Security Lock: Protect your privacy by locking your apps
    ★ Secret Zone: Move your secret apps, protect your privacy in your phone

    Upgraded UI, clear notification to help in a high speed switch between two accounts.
    Parallel function, separate storage, zero conflicts!
    Small and low CPU usage

    If you like our app, please give us a star (5, good, 1 bad) rating!
    If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know! We look forward to your feedback (zhuomengkeji@gmail.com).




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