Advanced fx calculator 991 es plus & 991 ms plus. 

The description of Advanced fx calculator 991 es plus & 991 ms plus
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Advanced FX Calculator 991 Assessment and 991 MS Explanation
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Advanced scientific calculator features more than software functions and its user needs maximum mathematical calculations. Calculator functions include complex number calculations, matrix and vector calculation, data, and 40 metric conversions. This standout feature is a natural textbook in its two lines, which includes duties, formula, square roots, and other expressions as they will be written in the textbook. It is extremely versatile, and can be used in core courses, from courses ranging from calculation to calories, and it also has apps in physics, engineering, biology and data. All in a calculator, working offline, fast and powerful. A scientific calculator supports more than 500, 500, 570 VN, 82ms and 82 ms, 82 and 991 SS, 4500, 991 acres, and 991 SS maximum features.

Calculator for mathematics
* Natural display shows the mathematical expressions like roots and duties, square root, detective, mandatory, matrix, … as it appears in your textbook, and it increases understanding because in understanding the results It’s easy
Equality Solar
* 20 pairs of values ​​for metric conversion
* Calculate with complex numbers
* Calc key (temporary formula memory)
* 40 physical restrictions
* Matrix / vector accounting
* Numerous integration and distinction (disposable) calories
Random Random
* New equality mode
* Function table
* Equation solution system (two, three, four unknown variables)
* Basic Math Operation, Strength, Roots, Costume Calculator, trigonometric and Hydraulic Functions
* Support change between rectangular and polar directions (POL and REC works)
* Remote number and conversion change
* Generate random numbers, combinations, permissions, GCD, LCMs
* The result of mixed part, frequency, disconnection, repeated and polar direction
* Calculation of data, regulation calculation, general distribution


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