Anchor Make your own podcast. 

The description of Anchor

The easiest way to create a podcast is the simplest way. This is the only app that helps you record high quality podcast and helps it split everywhere (including Google Podcast and Apple Podcast). No fancy goods or podcasting experience is necessary, and it is 100% free!

Create a podcast from your phone, tablet, or computer:
* High-quality audio record, with your device built-in mic or plugging into your favorite external microphone
* Recorded anywhere in the world, with friends or Coasters
* Take voice messages from your listeners and submit / submit them to your next installment
* Add different transitions and audio effects to your podcast
* Import audio from any app on your device to use in your podcast
* Add any song from Spotify (only able to play on anchor)

Edit your audio aspects:
* Elegant, Visual Edition Builder makes it easy for you to modify your podcast applications and reorder audio
* Edit your recording with the tools or tools designed specifically for pod casting.
* Add a flag while reminding which part to come back and edit or remove

Share your podcast everywhere:
* Easily split your podcast with all the big podcast platforms (including Google Podcast and Apple Podcast) easily with a tap.
* Sent to any part of any episode or segment; Any person who does not have an individual installed can listen to their favorite podcast player or without any need for an account on your web site.
* Download any edition on your own website (or embed your podcast and it’ll always run the latest episode).
* Change any short-term (anything under 2 minutes) in an automatic transmission, animated video!

See which list:
* Assume how many people listen to each episode and which specific sections get the most of the plays.
* See who is listening to every segment on the anterior
* Access more detailed analysis at on your desktop dishes

As seen:
* Google Play’s 2018 applications
* New York Times
* quarrel
* TechCrunch
* Business Internal
* Mashable
* Boston Globe
* Spain
* Past Magazine
Next Web
* And much more!



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