Aaudify Notifications Reader

The description of Audify DRIVE SAFELY

When you focus on the road, you auditate or you prefer to read your information.

Welcome without the destruction

Enjoy your music as never before. Do not allow notifications to lose your music. Audit can silence your notifications on demand and read the notification.

Stay connected with your notifications

It helps you to know about your notifications without any effort. It speaks your notifications through your phone’s speaker or headset or by any of the connected Bluetooth devices and mentally ignores the information that can make you upset.

Activities and activities automatically

Once audited is active, it automatically starts working as soon as you connect a wired or wireless headset / speaker and prevents itself from connecting your headset / speaker.

Drive ❤ safely and keep auditing your information.
❤ Enjoy the music without getting worried about annoying notifications. When you get important information, unwanted and just work.
❤ Put your notifications on your big screen with Google Cast support.
Enable the ❤ Investigation Explorer where you want and notify your notifications.
❤ Options to customize you like.
❤ Fully accessible by Talkback

Main Features

★ Done annoying apps and just those apps you like.
★ Add blacklisted words to any app and silence a special notification.
★ Enable / disable Bluetooth device or wired headset.
★ Privacy policy to leave notification content.

★ Automatically save your car’s location and easily navigate with audits.
★ Especially avoid the constant disturbing burst of information from the app from this app to avoid continuous information.
★ Enable Audit on Phone Speaker.
Supports Google Cast (Chromecast Devices)
★ 250 free accounts. Buy the Audioseted Premium to get unlimited audits forever on all of your devices.

* 1 Audition = 1 notification that is said by Audit

Google Plus Community: https://goo.gl/pQeEtO
Official Twitter Han


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