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Have you ever wished that you can easily post a part of a song or audio that you think is wonderful …. Well the audio statement maker allows you to do this. With making an audio estate maker, you can pick up any audio from your library or record yourself if you want, select this section to transmit the audio to provide audio and you Select one of the many dynamic backgrounds available in the audio. . You can share this status in a Captcha or another social media platform and it will work! Try.

They are the days when you just need to find the camera to sing yourself.


You make an audio status or story that can be shared on the most popular social media.

Support for many popular audio formats like MP3, AMR, WAV and AAC.

Audio scans from your phone and includes support for finding.

Modern audio editing capabilities including audio trimmer and an invoiced audio insertion with five different zoom levels.

Including recording record high quality sound recording at 44Khz and ~ 320kbps.

Very crisp, bright and colorful background for your position.

User friendly and appeal interface






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