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BNM Explanation
Keep it crazy
Play different types of water balloons with your friends in the crazy arcade!

▣ Your friends are back in 3D!
Like crazy arcade staff you have never seen them before!
Cuter! Cooler! Cookie!

▣ Many game modes, you will not even have time to boring!
[General Match] Crazy Arcade Classic Mode! Determine Strategic Super Skills to win in 2v2 matches!
[Survival] Insert 16 Player, 1 Player Lead! Can you stay boring maps?
[Rating match] A real test of skill! Wins to collect stars and climb the ranks!
[Hard] All of you can eat it. Get Gopeng from the other team for the claim of victory!
[Custom match] Choose your own rules, maps, and more! Get your friends together and play how you want!
[Treasure Island] Roll the house to find the island in search of useful items!

▣ New Super Skill Strategies are included!
It’s just about to drop water balloons.
Use different powerful super skill to get the edge!

▣ Supported devices
Galaxy S5 or higher, OS 4.1 or higher.

* Community:
* Customer Service: Tap on settings at the upper right corner> Customer Service> 1: 1 Inquiry

Terms of service:

[App info]
To provide the services below, we are requesting certain specifications.

[Optional Permission]
Save image / media / files: To save game hanging files and videos, upload photos and videos
Phone: To submit phone numbers to send promotional text messages
* Giving or refusing optional permissions does not affect the gameplay.

[Permission Management]
– Android 6.0 or more – Settings> Go to Applications, select the App and Taga Allow
– Under Android 6.0 – Update OS version to cancel permissions, or install the app
※ The app can not ask for individual permissions, in which case you can manually allow the steps described above.






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