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    Canva designs amazing (and fun) fun! 작 Create a great design for work, life, and games – even if you are not a design expert!

    Whether you need to share instagram, instagram setting, logging, or anniversary invitation- create more on their graphic design requirements and canvas. Available on your phone and computer so you can go back to your design anytime.

    How to use canvas
    1. Start with rabbit or ready-to-use design
    Make a design with our empty canvas, or save time when you use 60,000 free templates created by professional designers.

    2. Edit and add text in photos
    Free graphic designs, images, complete editor – easily add references to photos or multiple text. Change fonts (we have 500+ options!), Size, color, spacing, and position.

    3. Use the perfect image
    Upload pictures from your device gallery, or take from our premium photos and reflection library.

    4. Edit the pictures like Pro
    Use our bright image editor to apply the photo filter, change the brightness, add widget and more.

    5. Show it to the world
    Save your design directly to Instagram, WhatsApp, Email or your device.

    Use canvas for social media
    • Create stories and share them with the Instagram Tale Editor, and make a story on the storyline.
    • Cover Facebook Messages and Facebook
    • Twitter banner design and youtube thumbnails
    • Make cards, tips, photo collages and use any of the social media as well as a picture maker, poster creator or a logo creator.

    Use canvas for everything
    • Logo designer, book cover, blog design for any project
    • Concerns for any Event: Birthday Card Maker, Wedding Invitator, Creator Creator
    • Simple and free photo editing app
    • Photo collage maker, filter maker, banner maker for any occasion
    • Design motivated prices and comedy memes
    • party invitation maker, school posters, video banner maker
    For Business: Brochure, Resume, Presentation, Promo Posters

    People say about Kawa
    ⭐⭐⭐ 庆 ⭐

    “It was a great time to design a logo for my business. It was really easy! Great job!”

    “The Great App! The graphic design work is very important and it has saved a lot of time and money.”

    “I am now using canvas for 4 years. I design everything with it! My Blog Header, Blog Post Images, Social Media Images, My Resume, and more. For High School and College It’s also a useful tool. I recommend it! ”

    Make the design quick
    Use templates to quickly find templates. Type in your theme: “Birthday card,” “child photo college,” sales footer, “” save history card, “” music posters, “” beauty social media position, “more.

    Cooperation on Canvas
    Create a free team to easily share and modify designs with friends or colleagues. Work closely with the presentations of presentations, presentations, business cards, brochures, and other design requirements. Upgrades to canvas for work to set your brand colors and upload brand fonts.

    Kenawa looks good to you
    Use canvas to create invitations, poster creators, logo makers, online invoicing, business card makers – just as it looks great in any situation.

    Contact us
    Follow exclusive design tips on updates, updates on features, and instagram and facebook on @ canvas for news updates.

    Get feedback

    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Add an image to a template from your photo gallery.

    Camera / WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Take a picture inside the app to use in a design and keep it safe in your gallery.





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