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Computer shortcut keys
Software shortcut keys: computer shortcut keys

Computer Shortcut Key Educational Academic Application provides different shortcut tricks so you can increase the speed of your work.

You can use the keyboard shortcut instead of the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts can communicate with your computer and simplify time saving.

Computer shortcut keys are usually necessary to use computers or to keep PC users fast.

All Computer Software Shortcut Key App is to remember simple and short modes or learn how to use more shortcut keys. Instructions for more software applications. All shortcut keys are more useful to learn more about using software in the Android application, to enhance their skills and to easily understand the sharp college students, school students And office users were paused by their speed using their computer software. In career life.

More than 50+ + All software shortcut keys were in this app. Basically focus on computer users to avoid using the mouse. Most of the engineering software included.

The purpose of this computer – all shortcut keys in learning all the key concepts of the shortcut is an app for efficient computers using the app students and professionals worldwide.

Shortcut categories ….

– Basic shortcut keys
– Basic Shortcut Keys for Mac OS
Notepad ++
Ms word
Ms paint
MS Excel
MS access
Ms powerpoint
MS Outlook
– Chrome
– Internet Explorer
– Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Mac OS
Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator – Mac OS
Adobe Division
Adobe Flash
Adobe Colonel Draw
Adobe PagePower
Color code
Chat symbol
Cache code

This app enhances your computer knowledge as free for free.

Thanks and enjoy ..





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