Cool Note9 Launcher for Galaxy Note9 icon

Cool Note9 Launcher for Galaxy Note9

Describe the Cool Note 9 Launcher for Galaxy Note 9
The Cool Note 9 Launcher is a cool style of Galaxy Note 9 Launcher with very valuable features and configurations.

Who will get from the ❤️ Best 9 Launcher?
1. People who have a little old phone and want to modernize their phone, just try this free note 9 launcher, the room does not require flash
2. Those who want Galaxy J / A / C series devices or other brands, and want to experience Galaxy Note 9, just try this cool note 9 launcher.
3. Those who have more Galaxy Note series devices and want more new, cool features than Launchers compared to experience launchers, try just downloading this free note 9 launch.

Best Note 9 Launcher Features:
+ Maximum phone support: All Android 4.0+ devices can be installed and used in, amazing
+ Themes and wallpapers: Very beautiful launcher themes and wallpapers in the online store
+ Drawer style: horizontal, vertical, type, or drawer drawer
+ Gestures: Switch signal, hurt signal, indicating two fingers
+ Icon pack: support almost all icon packs through third party
+ Video wallpapers, live wallpaper, very cool
Hide apps, or close hidden apps
+ App lock, privacy protection
+ Call call, very cool animation effect while coming
+ Round Corner Screens, Make Your Phone Full Screen Phones
+ Battery saver, built-in booster built-in launcher
+ Color Mode: Light Launcher Mode, Black Launcher Mode, Automatic Mode
+ Unread notification launcher is displayed on desktop icon
+ Size of icon, resize launcher grid
Launcher Desktop Transfer Effect
Search in + T9 Launcher Desktop
+ Change fonts support
Support multi-dock pages
Dock background option
+ Folder color, folder style option
+ Many other launch features, just install and try!

Notice for consumers:
Android ™ Google is a registered trademark. The Best Note 9 Launcher is inspired by the Galaxy Note9 launcher, it’s not official Samsung ™ Galaxy Note 9 Launcher

Require permission:
(We take care of your privacy, for details, please refer to privacy policy)
1. Location: Weather Widget is required
2. Camera: The torch is required by the feature
3. Access images, media: themes and wallpapers in the theme store need to be organized
4. Call the phone, read the contact: Flash call is required by the feature

If you wish, please note that the Note 9 Launcher, you are helping us improve and improve the download notes for all users, thank you very much!









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