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2.1.0 for Android

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Description of the designer tools
Developers, have you ever verified that you have applied the UI design for a sample?

UX developers ever wanted to confirm whether color or layout is correct or not?

Designer tools provide a suitable feature for modifying and correcting the app’s specifications. Whether it’s checking your key lines or shades of blue, whether you want to add this app to your toolkit. Even if you provide redlines, this is the best way to verify each pixel.

Grid Overlay – Instantscreen Grid Tables or Wrong Conflict Elements to check the layout for non-balanced distance. You can also customize grid sizes and line colors.

Mockup Overlay – Show a fun picture on your app. How do you get a user interface designed to design that provides a high-value opportunity to see it. Choose from the picture or landscape overalls and put the stabilization for effective capability.

Color Picker – Use your finger to drag around the loop and the hex code of the colors on the pixel level.

Screen shot details – Add a panel to all your screen shots that shows information about device, screen, and Android version. QA teams will love it.

Is there another tool ideas that can we join? Tell us by sending us an email. source code available on GitHub

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