Equalizer & Bass Booster. 

The description of  equalizer and bass booster

Improve the sound quality of your Android device with your global global equality, bass boast and smooth sound. Never make your Android device sound like before.

Equality and Bass Booster is a volume slider, with the live music stereo arranged VU meter and five band equations with the effect of bass booster and virtualizer.

Allows equality and bass booster to adjust the level of sound effects so that you’re better than your music or audio coming out of your phone.

Use the headphones for the best results.



* Five band equations

* Bass Boost Impact

* Virtual effect

10 Equalizer presets

* Media volume control

* Led stereo vu meter

Works with more musicians, video players and radio FMs.

Simple installation and use:

1. Impact for music or audio

* Activate the music player and run your music

* Change equalizer and bass booster application and adjust sound level and frequency.

* Put a headphone for the best results

* To close the application and stretch the long press application from the close button to the State button.

2. Effect for video

* Instead of adjusting sound level and frequency like a music or audio, instead of running it in the background.

* Change the video player and run your video

* You must get good effects results for the video


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