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Eye color helps the camera change your eye color lens. Using a unique mixture technology creates an effect that looks very natural on the eyes. It works equally well for both dark and light eyes. Eye color Chains are full of realistic effects of the picture, such as standard color contact, foreign contacts, awesome eyes effects, alien / animal eyes and more. Eye color image editing is very easy simulation app to change the color of your choice. You can pick up your favorite color or lens in a huge list of eye lenses. Eyes Color Changer works on everyone, like kids, children and adults. Enjoy entertaining hours of eye makeup on your friends, family and your favorite celebrities.

Eyed Image Editor is the best app for you to try hundreds of eye color and effects on your own image. You can get green eyes or blue eyes. You may also be in each. Would you like to try cat’s eyes? How do some flame effects include? With Eye Color Changer you can try these all and many effects with just a simple click. Eye-image editor comes with our favorite “creation-own-yourself” feature. It’s correct, you can create your own eye color by uploading a picture of your friend, a pet, or any other photo of your choice. As an additional bonus, you can also scare it. Try today you must definitely change the color of the eye.

Eye-padded editor looks beautiful and eye-color stickers on your body’s pictures. Eye Color Photo Changer is an Eye Lens Photo editor AP, which offers a variety of eye color stickers to add you to your photos and virtualizes your face in each other. You can choose the best eye filter from the eye color list of the stickers, and set your eyes and filters according to your needs. Eye Chains are your new photographers and photo collage studios. Make your beautiful new look with good eye editor and then send eye pictures to social links. Here you can take more types of makeup eyes to make your look beautiful. You can change sticker’s size with a finger touch, and in your case of autonomy autonomous in seconds, eyes can convert an extraordinary picture with the photo editor.

Eye Color Camera Features:

Make your own color from the photo gallery
The eye color changeer looks like your eyes are real.
Many to choose from realistic and natural eye colors.
Resize your eyes to make it bigger and more beautiful.
Animal eyes, cat eyes, flag eyes and other special eyes effects.
The effects of shiring eyes.
– Ingredients: Eye, eyelashes, lips, Piercing …
Add text to the image, at any time you can change text size, color and fonts.
Have different effects on your photo.
Brightness and contrast adjustment
Try contact with new colored eyes and color eyes on the lens.
Save the picture in the gallery.
Share your photos via your Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

We are very excited to start this ultimate eye color ringtone app for free. Therefore, why not download today’s downloader and find yourself why it’s loved by users. We will also appreciate your opinion.







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