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The Description of flyers posters, banners, graphic makers and designs.

You do not need a graphic designer to make professional advertising graphic designs for your business. We have developed a good combination of ad posers and it’s editable by this app.

Main Features:

1. Different combination of professional and beautiful passenger templates

2. Support high-level customization

3. Cool sticker combination with adding your own option

4. Add text with multiple Fonts and text effects

5. Change the background from Gallery or background collection

6. Retry your changes again or again

7. Automatically do your job

8. Multiple layers

9. Lock / Unlock layers

10. duplicate text and stickers

11. Duplicate your design

12. Collection of shapes

13. Graphic Design Collection

14. Text Art Collection

15. Share on social media

16. Easy to use

Only select a graphic design template

There is no need to start rabbit, we have got many free and pro-designed graphic templates and are ready to start on your business passengers through professional designers.

Why passengers can help promote their special event.

While social media certainly benefits its events, to promote events and to create some awareness and to make boxes around them, remembering some efforts and experienced marketing techniques It is necessary for the year to be used. A technology uses direct marketing and passengers to promote your event.

5 factors to use passengers for their special event:

1. Reach your viewer:

Benefits provide a great platform for promoting special events and accessing their viewers


2. Get Creative:

If you decide to promote your flight on a flight, how can you create how you can be creative. You want to make your passenger stand, but also want to highlight the important message, whether it is a sales or open day.

3. Some solid:

It is a great advantage to use a flight to promote a function. The fact is to physically fly your customers means that you are half a way to get your message.

4. Emotions:

A traveler provides you with a place to add concerns like coupon code and voucher. This is a great way to find some interest in your event and create some initial awareness.

5. Applicable:

Use your event to use your passenger as measurement tool and you can learn for future. Adding flight numbers, custom URLs and QR codes allows you to monitor the flight tracking.

Different categories:


Business Infrastructure,

Food and Restaurant Posters,

Education Infrastructure,

Beauty flies,

Fashion Fly,

Corporate fly,

Offer and sales posters,


Photography posters,

Festival Fly,

Benefits of Holiday and Events,

Grand opening flights,

Sports and fitness flights,

Party posters,

Arts and Entertainment Information,

Industrial posters,

Children’s individual,

Medical and Health Posters,

Music and dance fairs,

Real estate posters,

Transport posters,

Travel Agency Fly,

Volunteer posters,

The benefits of law and politics,

Non-profit posters,

And more


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