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Description of FRep
FREP is a finger record / replay-up app. Once you record the usual operation, you can reopen it through a trigger. Your automatic operation button will be created easily.

– Record and re-run / re-edit the touch screen and / or castestro operations
Easy recording / playing on the current app by pushing the floating console button
– Depending on the playable record for the current app – console show / hides

The unlock key provides an unlimited number of records and functionality of tosser / local plugins.

Example usage
Analog push / swipe / flickr operation recording for automatic process / scroll / signal
Running virtual virtual key continuously with browsing for browsing
Paid load emphasis or delay of continuous processing delay, such as CPU load or network communication
Avoid blind area or fog with fingerprint
– FREP re-run Shortcut / Tasker plugin with automation app combination
– Submit your Apple’s original device

=== प्रारंभिक सेटअप ===
The frame requires initial setup below. If your Android root goes, you can leave this section and leave this section.

Initially or for re-installing Android, you need a USB connection on Win / Mac / Linux / Android. Please retrieve and run setup tools from the following URLs.

FRep Setup Tool


Show / hide console
After starting the service, the FREP will remain in notifications. Shows / hides the console by tapping it. When recording a circle of circle recording, the FREP automatically displays the console on the app. The record game game triangle button can be re-run again.

Recording mode
Select what you like in the FREP front app;
Simple: Recorded to Push Push.
Space: No input recorded for second second.
Progress: Record continuous records and build a separate editable layout by input space.

Sports / Re-Edit
Regarding circle numbers> 1 again in the management trace, records the frame continuously by counting. You can edit or modify the game layout containing multiple records / controls. In addition, every stroke / transfer can be transferred / set to the marks.

Power button
FRP power is not pushed push, which will end any recording / game.

Banned by the current app
Records / replay may change occasionally or app. To avoid this, FREP phones are limited to Google Play and FREP. You can create restrictions for other apps.

The obstacle of the game
To prevent re-running, you can easily interfere with the overlay operation.

Virtual keyboard
Apply upper button on the console, you can open another page with Key Option Editor.

Notification type / icon, console size / transparency, drag / fill sensitivity, default settings, etc.

= Notes & Tips =
– This app uses Access Service from ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE to detect the current app, for switching function responsible for flu console.
– Access to the whole network is only used for contact with the setup process in the local hististist.
– Do not record personal information and / or password including.
The result of the raplay can be different from the CPU load or in such a way. To make a good radio app, wait for a long time to wait for processing, dragging / faxing contacts, and more, try editing the image with image matching (see tutorial support site).
The record is not compatible with another device.

If you have any questions or requests, please email us. The answer will be in English.

Files of this software and equipments are distributed and are used as “as” and as is without inheritance and illegal or any other warranty or any other warranty. . License uses its / her own risk software. No liability for illegal diseases.

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