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Ghost Sound Description
If you do not scare or you want something past you feel to feel something

Your friend has fun? Now you can hear different ghost sounds from different

Types of places and things in our free Ghost Sonic AP. Download us

The best animal gives the app’s app and installs on your phone and you can access and listen

Sounds different dogs anywhere and at any time.

Ghost brings scary hair, rising to sound, enthusiasm and enthusiasm

Your phone’s storage will speed up your heart every time. Look at you

Friends and family as they confused and pushed with fear on your voice

Phone Its completely fun and fun listen to different ghost sounds

You might be surprised that the app looks like a different deal


This app includes a combination of different midnight sounds, mommmmy

Sounds, sound of crazy bits, breathing sounds, help me, old door sounds and

Have fun with your friends and see how they react. Look at them

Carefully react as they will search for specific sounds.

★ This is a free app.
★ Good quality audio.
★ Simple But Awesome Photos.
★ timer – this way the app closes
★ Scary background images
★ Work Offline

Download this app only to access multiple Ghost Sounds. If you have

Share any suggestions with us on If you love our app, please

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