Karaoke voice sing & record.

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Karaoke voice sing & record

Karaoke sound song and record: A real Karaoke party with a microphone became a song star. Post Artist, Record Songs and your Super Star Masterpiece! Have you ever dreamed of children, a super star idol – a famous actor and singer? Then the top superstar is considered at the stage in the competition! Mic Recording app with lyrics: Upload your favorite tracks in the app (impressive hip-hop rhythm, rap, metal or club song) in the app and play the Karaoke machine: How to learn music singing and cool songs or artists Use free gestures to learn about uploading. Your favorite choice!

What do you do when you are bored to enjoy a party like a superstar and free Kawak game game! Bait, you will be praised to play a sound game: track tracks and songs of your music songs, such as musicians’ school for children. Or just songs’ funny sounds, dance and fun songs music music star. Favorite party sound play: Create your own real tracks, upload and record your own form. Upload lyrics and talented favorite stars as ‘contest with friends’. Fight the installation with your favorite artists, bands and idols!

Do you love street rhythm and hip hop? Make Real Fighters, Feel War and Feel as Free Style Rip Artist! Fight! Learn popular free hp text to compete with friends, playing favorite games – they will appreciate it! Imagine a ramp war with a real hip-hop fight with rack and play with rip-hop dance! Or do you love lyric rhythm? We also have hip hop and dance band battles, your favorite groups will fight as stars!

Choose a microphone, choose a track from the recommended list or use any oral vocal microphone to load any uploads and deep emotions. Singing songs and apps: Singing and singing as a super star with Mike. Favorite singer: Imagine how you sing professional vocals and listen when you record it! Learn lyrics like academies, then use professional oral microphone recording to check out your results! Record with a professional voice app like your voice.

App Features:
~ Real Mini Karaoke Microphone Recorder for Singers’ Voice
~ Add and find masterpieces of favorite tune tracks and music composition
~ You enjoy funny sounds and cool tracks in sound, lyrics and sound games
~ Singing Machine Station: Hip Hop Rhythm Practice for singer’s voice only
~ Party Track: Feel Bored? Follow the dance for children and sing songs!
~ Sing rhythm song and upload track list to learn the track
~ Favorite trusted game to compete with friends
~ High song apps like us are running with Mike Recording
~ Sometimes dream of becoming a talented superstar on stage? Fun and idol is fun!
~ Games with recording: Create inspired show songs, tracks and club tunes
~ Top singers and music artists: Free Hip Hop, Rap and Club
~ Learn the track: Upload song track and upload your favorite song artist
~ List of singers: track usage and uploading, find sound games
~ La Mue Singing Game: Famous Metal, Free Style Rip, Singing Free Hip Hop – Always Popular!
~ Imagine real crook mixer and recorder station, have fun!
~ Singing, listening and recording song: Like a real metal star
~ Voice Song app: Find voice track jobs, listen to metal

Please note that, although text text and running lines are available and you can meet and sing real-acting music in this app, it does not evaluate your skill. Your recording has been estimated. The application will choose your emphasis on the assessment and it does not evaluate your skills or applies to anything. Neither will it fix your voice like fixing. This app is for fun and practice, not for the musician’s education.



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