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Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow)

0.4.2 for Android

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Let us know how you like it!

Have fun!

Your Leena Launcher team.

To connect mouse, keyboard and monitor feel free to use …
– a HDMI-adapter,
– an USB-adapter,
– a Bluetooth mouse and/or keyboard,
– screen mirroring or casting apps
– a docking station

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The description of Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow)

Take describe Desktop UI (Multiwindow)
Connect the mouse and keyboard, contact a monitor (or TV) and you’re ready to go!

Multi-window launcher (beta) tables desktop operating system on your Android device that is loaded with local desktop user interface. This is not really an “OS” by it, but we work harder who feel the same;)

No routing, no separator user interface, Android controls, no hack. Launcher Launcher “Only” is another Android app that allows you to integrate into the Android ecosystem smoothly and use it as a full-thrown desktop operating system. It allows you to use your mobile device where you already set default default to a laptop or desktop PC. Write a long-term email, browse on a big screen, or do something heavy, or do whatever you do.

Android is taking over the desktop … because it’s good and a bit to take;)

Leisure Launcher comes with the following apps:
A local file manager app
– A local web browser app
A local launcher app
– A local video player app (via file manager)
– A local image viewer app (via file manager)
– Many web apps

Note: For a local PDF viewer, to insert icons on desktop or hide the sign icon, please download the Pro version

Tell us how you like it!

Enjoy yourself!

Your Leena Launcher Team.

Feel free to use to connect to the mouse, keyboard and monitor …
An HDMI adapter,
A USB adapter,
A Bluetooth mouse and / or keyboard,
Screen mirror or casting apps
A docking station

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