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Explanation of Mafia City
★ ★ Real indirect strategy mobile game, playing with millions of players around the world
☆ Contest to become world wide connection, color, language or ethnicity differences and goodfather.
☆ Competitions, anger, occupation and troubles to compete for the honorable seat of the brain, brain, and the king of mafia.
☆ Super Hardcore and Extreme Hack Mafia. Struggling for power and fulfilling your ‘Alpha’ dream, you will not be able to “stop”!
☆ Live Interactive Traffic War, Daily War Full Year Round.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
☆☆ 3D HD Unity Game Engine, Final Gaming Screens
Zooming feature, 360 degree multi-angle provides a real virtual virtual reality, with well-graphic picture.
☆☆ Live Strategy Recycling
Come on! Along with the brothers, if we drag our enemies and war, the words do not work.
Set up your clean forces and raise their potential.
If you do not let them crush, tomorrow they will crush you.

☆☆ successfully managed to translate all languages ​​in one and only worldwide professional translation systems as well
✔ Background and communication, not the case. Here, only brothers and sisters are faithful.
Play with brothers everywhere. Situate in the coast, wide and worldly goals, unite the group.

☆☆ Waiting for four major features and dozens of gangster recruitment dozens ☆☆
✔ Brawlers do not even describe the words ‘human weapons’. For them, conflicts are just ordinary lifestyle.
✔ Shooters are capable of saving all types of weapons, vegetable guns, rifles with artillery and maximum.
✔ Bikers, tonnes of heavy locomotives, which are transmitted like electricity, robbery and things. Certainly a scary dream for all the groups!
✔ Modified car can be done from micro-military weapons. There is nothing we can not change, the only thing you can not imagine.

Mafia city studio
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