MakeupPlus Your Own Virtual Makeup Artist. 

The Description of MakeupPlus

Greet your own personal make-up artist! Our makeup plus app looks beautiful with touching you some easier. We work with industry professionals like top makeup artists and photographers to make a personal makeup and beauty adviser for you. There is no easy way to try to ignore or make your signature look. Our makeup plus camera allows you to meet fun and fun stuff if you look full. Buy your favorite ideas in real life to touch your features, look up your makeup, and buy your favorite products – you can easily do this with Makeup Plus.

Looks fantastic by the beauty industry

+ Try special makeup made by professionals at the top of the beauty industry

Get an instant makeover by + industry’s best make-up artists such as Bartman Rock, Nicky Tutorial, Lisa Adrijage, Christine Dominique, Angel Marino Aka McDaddy and others!

MIX and MATCH full face Makeup looks with fun accessories

How do you look with your correction (RR) camera in front of your eyes?

+ Quickly glimmer full-face creators Preview with fun items including retro-style sunglasses, angel halos and more!

Choose from a list of beautifully developed ideas, including a “Bella”, a serious look with “Baden” or even a “Black Pot” with a dark and well-sighted look with a sweet look.

+ Match the face and face face with different perspectives to create custom

Love your eyes

Consider yourself a makeup guru? Show your creative ability by putting your own signature in TOUCH-UP.

+ If you are feeling bold, try entertaining colors to see how you look perfectly.

+ Add your own easy make-up for you to see the view in every photo you post #dressyourface

Go wild and change your hair color on your trends. Try “Cotton Candy”, “Sunset”, or “Even Snowy Blue” for mystical look.

+ Increase your eye color by adding color contact lenses with our easy applicant

Solve real beauty products

Estimate Buying Online Online Online! With our council’s function, you can see how products look real-time with our arc camera.

+ Immediately try on your favorite brands such as Charlotte Taylor, Gloves, Stella, Clears, Nurse, Dier and more!

+ With a touch of a button you see, it’s yours! You love the right items on our app and start taking pictures to show your friends

Make sure to enhance your image to your natural features

+ Keep your skin up to bring out your naturally shining brightness

Easily show your best features by making minor adjustments in your face, eyes, solid or nose

Additional features

+ Make Easy Tips for Making Our Maximum Camera And Make-Up Tools In TRENDING Makeup Tips

+ Take the best group pictures with our selfie timer and multiple facial recognition function

+ Makeup Plus works with both your front and rear camera so take your choice!

Share your photos

Once you’re satisfied with your view, MakeupPlus makes it easy to download your image or share your image on popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Share your photos and feedback with us!


Twitter: makeupplusapp

Instagram: Makeupplusapp

Device compatibility

Maximum makeup features are compatible with optimal devices. However, our AR feature features at least 1GB storage space and 480 x 854 minimum resolution. If your device does not meet these specific requirements, AR feature will not be available.


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