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Specify the message and call tracker
The Message and call Tracker app shows notifications whenever it runs in the background or is sent to any data on the network. These notifications are not optional and may not be inactive. Because of the updated Google policy, the app has not yet read SMS. It only read WhatsApp messages and saves only (text only) and calls.

The app is not a remote monitoring app and can not be used to spy anyone
1. App displays the app notification whenever it runs in the background
2. The app does not save any SDD card or any public storage so that no other app can do anything from any app.
3. The app does not get any data out of the app unless users use their username or password on the web and log in to apply for data. This app has been received when the app reports in the notification bar.
4. WhatsApp is a trademark of Facebook Inc.

About this app
✔ Works without calls and other permissions
✔ Visit our control panel and access remote messages even if the device is not with you.
✔ Add notes for each record
✔ You can filter messages and calls with different filter options
✔ completely free. No hidden charges

Message and call tracker
Use the Сall and Message Tracker application to track calls and messages on your mobile phone. All calls are received or received and also all the messages are received. To view the record, you will need to start the application and click on the “View” button or visit our website and pull record from your device.

it works
Install the applications and register using email mail and a PIN
– Enables checkboxes to track all the messages and messages on your device.
Now whenever a call is received or received or sent or received, waiting for a while and starts the application again.
– Click on the “View” button in the application and you’ll see the last Сalls or record of the list at the list of listings.
You can clear all the information stored by using the “Clear Data” option in Settings
– You can export text as tracks by Еmail
You can view these data far away by visiting your website and entering your email address and PIN. You need to click the ‘Get Details’ button to pull details from your mobile. Сall and message details will not be automatically pushed to the server.

To be in compliance with Google Policy, whenever we will be notified in notification at the top bar
– The app runs in the background of submitting calls and message information
– Only WhatsApp text message information is read. SMS is not read or saved.
– You are uploading the Сall / Posts Web site. Specifications will not be uploaded automatically, when the user will be requested to enter and pull the web site. Details are stored safely in the server located in the US. Users can opt out at any time and can either clear the information from the server or the website. The application can not be used as a spy application because the application icon can not be hidden and the notification may not be disabled because ELL carefully read it.

With this app too
Saves the chat data stored in a private, private database
Data is stored in the device and is not shared with another app.
Data can be saved as soon as the app can not be installed
– Data expires after 3 months after the app is saved.
Specifications will not be automatically uploaded to the cloud. It should be pulled out of the web site.

Permission to access notifications
The app needs access to other apps’ notifications to read the messages received by other apps. Without this permission, the app will not be able to read any call or message. Message study will be saved locally in the app and will be available to you in the website only when you log into the web and record the record.

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