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 MIX posterMIX screenshot 1MIX screenshot 2MIX screenshot 3MIX screenshot 4MIX screenshot 5MIX posterMIX screenshot 1MIX screenshot 2MIX screenshot 3MIX screenshot 4MIX screenshot 5MIX Description
MIX is a powerful yet easy-to-use image editor that can increase your photos in seconds.

== Featured Highlights ==

– Provides 130 free, high-quality filters to various genres including professional movies, instant movies, self, LOMO etc.
– Supports advanced image editing tools like curve, HSL, split tuning.
– Provides overlay to improve effectiveness of 60+
Save and share your own filters, which are back up to the cloud and will never be lost
Publish your best photos and filters to the MIX community to share with MIM users
– Study photo post processing techniques in the MIX Academy
Smooth and efficient user interaction

== Rich Filter CHICICES ==

MIX is a filter center app. It has been shifted to about 130 built-in, high-quality filters covering different types of image styles, which include professional variation color film, instant movie, self-flashing (face-to-face), monochrome, lottery and many Included.

If you are creative and want more image styles, the MIX allows you to modify your photos as editors and personal modifications using different editing tools. These user-generated filters can easily be shared between MIX users via popular social networks or the MIX community. In addition, when logged in, users of the user will back up the cloud clouds, so they will never lose.

The MIX also allows you to mark favorite filters for faster access.

== Professional Edition Tools ==

MIX offers 15 basic, easy-to-use adjustment tools that can easily master all. In addition, for those who have deeper information about photo editing, offers some professional color tools including MIX curve, HSL, Split Toning, and color balance. With all the resources and some knowledge, you want to get as many picture styles as your image.

== Better – Escort Taxes ==

To further enhance the effect, your image may end up with one of the 60+ built-in images. These can be prepared with rain, snow, day, sunlight, lens flow, light leak, and amusement of entertainment. The proper use of these structures can make your photo more attractive.

== promotion and transfer ==

In addition to the features of the photo crop generally, the MIX gives you tools to correct the distortion of the view, which can be very useful in matters such as artwork photography. With MIX, long buildings in your photo will not be torn apart.

== Focus and Filter in the MIX community ==

You can publish your best images to the MIX community to share with millions of MIX users around the world. In addition, you can share your edits as a personal filter at the same time so that you can download other MIX users.

== Online Academy ==

A place to learn tips for MIX & photo post processing techniques. New articles are published regularly.







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