Offline Maps & Navigation. 

The description of Offline maps and navigation

Navigation app combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience. Compact maps of more than 200 countries were especially customized to take less space on your phone. Follow the right voice instructions, avoid traffic jams and get speed limit and high-speed camera alerts. Regular map updates.

Navigate anyway, without an internet connection

• Offline maps of all countries of the world, Tom Tom and other providers

• Free map updates more than once per year

• Sound recipe GPS navigation with correct instructions and bid road names

• Millions of interesting places (PEI)

Real-time routing sharing helps you to reach your map and share your expected time of current position *

Navigator with GPS navigation navigation instructions and tourist locations (POI)

Traffic Tracking

• Avoid traffic jams with the most accurate real traffic information with data collected from over 500 million users worldwide *

Be safe

• Advanced security features make it easy to simplify in unusual areas

Speed ​​speed warnings show you changes in current speed limit and future speed limit

• Animated LAN Assistant guides you in the right lane

• Head-up Display (HUD) navigation navigation on your vehicle’s wash slash, is driving safely in the night.

• Dashmimi road runs ahead and automatically saves the video if it crashes

Real Real Navigation is also a better reality feature for better and secure driving experience

Save money on your way

Park easily with parking information tips and prices and availability *

• Set your fuel type about fuel prices and fill with the best price *

• Avoid high speed tickets with loud camera warnings *

• Save money on roaming charges with offline maps

* Please note that this feature requires Internet connection.

Note: Sharing videos from Dasham is prohibited by law in those countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain.

By accepting, copying, or using all of this software or any part of this software, you accept all terms and conditions of this agreement:




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