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🔧Safest GFX Tool on Google Play is now compatible with newer game update🔧

Featured on XDA Portal: The Most Advanced GFX Tool for optimizing battleground gaming experience which is recommended and tested by XDA Developer(Most famous developer community) for improving game performance.



Any battle royal game player can lower the game graphics and use memory boost to play game without any lag. You can even unlock HDR graphics and enjoy the excellent picture quality.

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You can customize Resolution, enable HDR graphics, unlock the FPS limit, and tweaks other options like Shadows, textures quality, MSAA, Extra effects with unique features like Best settings, Zero lag + Battery efficient mode, Potato graphics, Graphic Profile, GPU Optimization, Hardware-Accelerated Rendering and much more.

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This is the full version of PUB Gfx Tool Free. Before purchasing this paid version.
Please first try our free version

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Permission : Storage (Photos/Media files) for modifying graphics settings.
Permission : Internet for loading settings from our server.
Permission : Kill background app for boosting memory.

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This app is developed for specific game and we are not affiliated with Tencent.”

DISCLAIMER: Before using this app Please make sure that you have read & accepted out Privacy policy & Terms of service

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Is PUBG GFX tool legal?

Previous answer: No, you will not be banned. Cause you are just trying to get higher graphics rather than what your phone or device is supporting according to pubg Corp. But remember if you get banned then it will be of 3650 days. Though I can assure you that using pubg gfx tool from play store will not get you banned.

GFX Tool (previously Graphic Tool for Battlegrounds) is a useful tool which allows you to unlock Full HD graphics, 60 FPS and other graphics settings for PUBG Mobile. GFX Tool is currently available only on Android and is compatible with both Chinese and international versions of the game.
Yes, you can be banned for using GFX Tools as it illegally alters PUBGM files. Yes, it can be automatically detected for those saying “there is no way for them to know”.


1 Answer
  1. Lock the game/app with an app or from the android if you have that function.
  2. Go to Google Play–>Settings—>Parental controls. Once opened, you will be able to set up the restrictions you want.
  3. Restrict the internet access to the game. You can do it from your system if you have this feature.
Just work your way down the list to increase FPS on your computer:
  1. Delete some unused files.
  2. Change the power option and adjust for best performance.
  3. Update your graphics drivers.
  4. Adjust your display scaling settings.
  5. Change your Steam Launch options and edit the ini file.
FPS is the abbreviation of Frames per Second. The higher the FPS is, the smoother fast action sequences are displayed. Especially in PUBG where there are a lot of actions, explosions, movements, etc., it is helpful to have a higher frame rate.
FX stands for effects. The G stands for Graphics. So, GFX stands for Graphics Effects.
The second option is blocking, here’s how you can block a player on PUBG Mobile.
  1. Tap on the Friends icon at the centre left of the Lobby to access [Friends].
  2. Tap on the Message icon next to the name of the player you wish to block.
  3. Tap on the Menu Button at the top left of the Chat Window.
  4. Tap on [Block Player].
PUBG Playtime restrictions – Only play for 6 hours per day. The game has been facing a lot of controversy in India. PUBG Mobile players from India can now only play the battle royale game for 6 hours per day.
If a player is damaging his own teammates then it will be detected by the system. The player will face a 10-Merit loss on 1st offence. … If a player’s merit point is less than 60 then he will not be able to play a squad match. The second option is blocking, here’s how you can block a player on PUBG Mobile
The best PUBG settings for visibility and a competitive edge
Option Recommended Setting
Display resolution 1920×1080
Camera FOV 103
Brightness 50-70
Overall Quality Custom
PC Settings
  1. Open your NVIDIA Control Panel and click on Manage 3D Settings.
  2. Open Program Settings and find TlsGame on the dropdown menu. …
  3. Set Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1.
  4. Set Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if it’s there)
  5. Set Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance.

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