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  • Skype offers you the latest viral content from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and other parts of the world. Download to find updates in categories such as politics, lifestyle, sports, opinion articles, videos and entertainment.

    Special Features:
    Personal News Feed:
    Skype picks up advanced news and content for you. It customizes your choice according to your favorites.

    Professionally created content (PGC):
    The skype material is developed directly from local content providers and news agencies. On the scope, you will definitely find authentic stories, good writing articles and breaking news.

    the game:
    Skype has got things done and will be presented to you as a football match, live commentary and all league, basketball information, tennis, hockey and all other sporting activities. You can expect predictive predictions of exciting sports news.

    Videos, Functions and more
    You found the right place! Skip Scouts for rich video and gif content from great channels as well as YouTube channels.

    Make Money Feature
    Skype has an in-app interesting feature that allows you to read stories, invite other users to your unique code, then get coins that you can take cash at the Rewards Center. . Download to see how the money earning feature works. This app is the best experienced feature. Please note that this feature is available in Nigeria (only). Skype will start in other parts of the world – one country at a time.

    Low stock:
    Skype uses only a small storage space on your mobile device. For each update, you do not have the risk to overload your phone storage. It is “lightweight” that many people are most interested in skype.

    Update speed:
    You’ll get this job when viewing news stories and fun videos you can access / go. Latest news in a flash latest news! Each time you click ‘Home,’ slide the update slide within seconds.

    Offline reading:
    No enough data left for the month? Scoop knows Without reading offline you are available to read offline to access all sculptures content. When you run, skype will instantly promptly instantly make you instantly read instantly offline until your data comes back.

    One hundred (100) popular novels have been selected for you, such as science fiction, romance, mystery, romance and short stories. Start on this journey with skype.

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