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SEO Training Course Description
Step-by-step search engine optimization (SEO) learn from the step-by-step material content
This SEO learning app covers a total of 6 levels and steps by step instructions to perform SEO activities for any web site. Detailed courses look at: –

Level 1 – SEO Principles of Fundamentals:

SEO versus SEM
Quick results
How do search engine work?
Steps in SEO
Name in SEO

Level 2 – SEO Keywords Research:

the required words
Round for SEO
Keyword Research – AdWords Part 1
Keyword research – AdWords part 2
Keyword Research – AdWords Part 3
Keyword Research – SEO Overview Tools
Keywords – Webmaster Tools
Title tag – intro
Title tag – Technologies
Title tag practical
Title tag – strategy
Meta Description – Interview
Meta Description – Technical
Meta description practical
Meta keywords
Meta Keywords Practical

Level 3 – Technical SEO Training:

Page SEO
Webmaster tool
Robot Maita
40X errors
XML Sitemaps
Use the Hansens
Avoid identity
Absolute url
Image text

Level 4 – Backlinks in SEO:

What are backlinks?
Backlinks – Compatibility
Page SEO
Link Building in SEO – Directory
Link Building – Guest Post
Link Building – James Bond
Link Building – Comment
Link Building – Testimonials
Link Building – Other
Technical Case 1
Technical Case 2
Technical Case 3
Technical Case 4
Technical Case 5
Technical Case 6
Technical Case 7

Level 5 – SEO for WordPress:

SEO for WordPress
SEO for blog
Yastast SEO plugin
In an all SEO plugin
SEO setup for the whole web site
Integrated with webmasters
Content SEO and Analysis
Title, Meta and Seng
Focus Keyword
Image text
Minimum Content Length
Writing content SEO rules

Level 6 – Local SEO:

Local Business for SEO Strategies
Google My Business List
Google Map Listing
Google Local Business Verification
On page optimization
Building Delivery
Reviews and recommendations
G + in local SEO
Meta Geo tags
Local rich spirits – call, navigation location
Blog Optimization for High Rating

After completing the SEO eBook Training Course, you will be able to perform SEO activities for all businesses. D

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