Solar System Scope


The description of Solar System Scope

Joining the joining of the solar system and the outer space to find, discover, and join.

Welcome to the space game field

The solar system scope (or just solar energy) has many ideas and heavenly virtualities, but most – it brings you closer to reaching the moment of our world and you are a wonderful place. Provide scores.

It is the most reflections to use space models, easy to understand and make it easier.

3D Encyclopedia

In the Solar Encyclopedia of Solar, you will get the most interesting facts about every planet, dwarf planet, every important moon and maximum interest – and with everything everything is realistic 3D insight.

Solar Encyclopedia of solar energy is available in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese and Slovak. More languages ​​are coming soon!

Nightscape consultation

It is seen from any place on the ground as enjoying night sky stars and pulled out. You can point your device to see your device in your proper place in the sky, but you can also hear in the past sky or even in the future.

Now with advanced options, you have to listen to the hildic, rectangular and testimal line, or the grid (among other things).

Scientific tools

Solar system is based on the scope of the applied parameters published by the scope of NASA and allows you to integrate the heavenly positions at any time.

For everyone

The scope of the solar system is well-suited for all viewers and ages: It enjoys space passion, teachers, scientists, but also 4++ year old children with solar power. What’s up


We are proud to present a unique unique set of nature and moon maps, which you have to face a real color space.

These accurate maps are based on Nisa’s elevation and reflection data. According to the colors and colors of the messages, the actual color photographs made by Rasul, Viking, Casey and New Harzon spacecraft and Hubble Space Telescope.

The main solution to these maps is for free – but if you like the best, you can check the highest quality, which is available with the app purchase.

Join our view

Our approach is to make the ultimate space model and you have to experience deeper space.

And you can try the scope of the solar system and spread the word if you like it!

And do not forget to join the community and vote on new features:



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