spacedesk (remote display). 

The description of Specedisk  (Remote Display)

The Android device has been converted into an additional display monitor for Windows PCs and tablets.

The Windows desktop screen was shown on the Android device display

Windows desktop extension (x10-sion)

Windows Desktop Moving (Mirror / Cloning)

Quick Guide:

1. Install spacedesk driver software for Windows Primary PC (server).


2. Install this app – for a spidex (remote display) app secondary machine (client).

3. Open Spidec (Remote Display) app and your Windows Primary PC (server).

Network connection: Server and client must be on same LAN and / or van.

Alternative connection:

– via mobile hotspot

– via USB Tethering

Note: Internet connection is not required!

Important information:

This Android app version can only connect to the latest Windows Driver Edition (Beta III v0.9.10). Download and install the latest Windows driver.

User Manual, Documentation and Detailed Setup:

Primary Machine (Windows Network Display Server) …

… runs windows 10, windows 8.1, windows 8, or windows 7.

Dual monitor and multi-monitor settings are supported.

Spyssic drivers need to be installed. Download:

Secondary Machine or Device (Android Network Display Client) …

… SpySecond is an Android tablet running an Android app, phone or device.

The Android device is used as a post-display display (mysticic sink) and alternate display monitor.

The video streaming performance is low and the network load is higher than the MyWideWide screen.


… Windows adds the primary machine to secondary machine or device.

Virtual display extension screen on LAN (Local Regional Network) and / or WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

The network must support the TCP / IP protocol.

Remote monitoring (eg Ethernet) for Windows PC on wireless display (for example WiFi) and wired network.

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