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Want more friends and music lovers? With reliable confidence in consumers over 50M, the Starter No.1 is a simple stream network between the popular Desar and Desi community. The star starts the largest global and descent song catalog, you can find Aid Shirin, Shawn Mandis or your local comrades. You can use free style or columns with a special user’s filter and sound editor. The new feature ‘Mike Take’ offers you an open stage that can compete to sing the song card you provide, challenging the speed of mic with 5 other star maker users. This is a talent show which is a wonderful King of the living song to see. Let’s enjoy the world’s bangles

Star Maker Karaoke new job
We’ve included a group of new features for a better singing experience! As:
+ ‘Take Mike’ shows the most talented song solitaire player and challenges your speed on mic!
+ The “Party” operates a cross, where you can practice, free style and work.
+ Many guests can chat and share real-time chat rooms, where you can socialize everything!
+ Record and edit your horror songs with a wide selection of audio effects, singing a star.
+ Allows the recording of “hook” into a flexible way: Singing the best part of your favorite songs only!
+ “Collab” enables you to pair with singers or your friends, with making a recording!
+ Discover sharing similar taste with people with you, such as, comment and message to make new friends via message!

Thousands of songs sing songs!
Pick up from the top at the top; Daily updated! involved in:

+ 7 years – Lucas Graham
+ Better Treatment – Sean Mendes
+ Hotline Bulang – Drake
Shake it – Taylor Swift
Love yourself – Justin Bieber
Think out immediately – Ed Sharon
One call call – Charlie Pitt
+ Homework – fifth harmony
Press + – Major Laser and DJ Snake
+ Re-view – idea astronomy
+ Outside – twenty-five pilots
Stay with me – Sam Smith
+ Like I’ll lose you – Mega Trainer
+ Despacito – Louis Phonesey and Daddy (Originally Justin Bieber)
USA – Li Glander thank God God
+ There’s nothing holddown behind me – Shawn Mands
+ Body like a back road – seam hunt

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