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TouchPad Android Keyboard 2019 is a new keyboard that includes amusement, auto-correct, prediction text and tycoon typing. Simply type on a glow only on the posts! During this time, it saves you from the best AI-featured embarrassing tips, even when you’re using Swipe Keyboard Typing. 💯

🎹 Also, we also have T9 or T + layouts that will be a good choice for those who do not use prompt typing or typing typing for high-speed typing. 🎹

Why do Touch Touch choose the p? 🏆TouchPal Emoji keyboard ap

– Winner of the GSM Global Mobile awards

In addition, our new Android keyboard offers you many widgets to type effectively. 🚀
Type of messages with a single hand, especially with a padboard
Number queue is available at all times: Enable number queue in settings
Face face, face face or face face: just choose what you like and send it
Voice Typing: Fix the text easily with a long pressure
Run typing keyboard hint typing or swipe typing

TouchPal features automatic keyboard ips
We provide all types of personalized features to make your Android keyboard unique.
5000+ Free Keyboard Themes, 300+ Amazing, Jeffs, Stickers & Pop Smiles
Personal photos can be set as topics of saving keyboard and can be customized with different colors
– Text face (° ͜ʖ ͡)), (ʘ‿ʘ), including face and happy text immune

The prediction of the follow-up touch-screen T9 keyboard
The next word predictions, amazed predictions, and text prediction predictions, including happy text immunoscience, human face and sincere face.
The most powerful error correction: Automatic error error errors and tides
Cloud Forecast: Make predictions more smart

H How To Enable Touchpal Best Keyboard 2019
Open Touchpal Best Keyboard 2019.
– Press Activate TouchPal, to enable the TouchPal box on the Languages ​​and Settings page to enable.
– Switch to TouchPal switch, check the TouchPal box.

Support multiple emoji keyboard theme plugins
Gold, Blue, Skull, Purple, Pink, Red, Black, Lion, Vampire, Sheep, Neon Blue, Neon Light, Dear Kitty, Water, Drive, Graphic, Sky, Galaxy, Sharp, T9, T +, Matte face, No typing theme for the pad, from the same hand

Approval Description
Read contacts: Import contact name in dictionary.
– Read SMS: Learn your typing patterns from messaging messages.
Call a phone: Quick Dial for Contacts

🗺️ multilingual typing 🗺️
TouchPal keyboard supports over 150 languages ​​for 2018, including but not limited to
English, العربية, Hrvatski, Čeština, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, Arabic, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Italy, Malay, Polo Polo, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk

出 Android keyboard wear and clergy
The touch plate for the dress or version of the pad can also go without any phone.
Support typing typing, hint typing or swipe typing on the wrist.
Fast and Single, type ‘Autumn Tides’, next word prediction feature …
Wearing most amazing features include version and pad versions.

If you like TouchPad Android Keyboard 2018, which includes Smiley, Single Hand, Fibers, Happy Textivity, Glove Typing, Gesture Typing, T + & T9, next word prediction, different keyboard themes, Order the keyboard keyboards, autonomous, prediction text, tapes feature text and customization.
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