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Explain TUN.ko Installer
Before rating, remember that we are only collecting the modules that users are submitting to us. So if it’s not in our database or the file does not work for you in our database, you’ll have to wait until you upload a tin. If it can not install the module in your device, it does not mean that the app does not work it means that there is currently no compatible tune module for your device.

Before downloading this app, please see this page if your phone’s cutel, model and construction number match an entry in our database: http://droidvpn.com/tun-repository /

Your phone model, granular and construction number should be found for modules to work. Even if you search for our list in your phone, it does not guarantee that it will work so that it can find compatible modules. Do not ask comments in the app to satisfy the app with the app. It’s not a phone with any type of phone in your database.

If they say “ton module is brought”, it means that you can now use your PPN.

If they say “ton” did not get a way “means that the app can not find your way out because it may be possible to get tan support with your cranal.

Phone with tonone support:
Samsung Galaxy Y – GT-S5360
Cherry Mobile Orbit / Gigabytes Jasmart G1310
Samsung Galaxy Pro
HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy S M110S

Using TUN.ko Installer
1. Make sure you have a Red Load Android phone.
2. Click the Install button to install if we have the working tone module for our device.
3. Wait for the installation to finish. If we do not have any tune module then try again later.

Submit your ton
1. Make sure ton. Is already filled in your device.
2. Click on my tonons. Share button
3. Wait to upload.

Do you need a VPN for your Android?
Visit our website and check your own VPN client: http://droidvpn.com/

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