Adobe Character Animator CC 2019


Multilingual registered version.

Character Animator allows you to animate two-dimensional characters created in Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. Shoot your movements and record your voice with a webcam and microphone. Character Animator tracks your facial expressions and movements in real time, and your smile is transferred to the character.


  • Create a character in a few seconds. Turn any work of art into an animated character using a webcam and the new Characterizer application based on Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology. Create characters based on embedded character templates from Character Animator or by importing images from Illustrator CC or Photoshop CC.
  • Show yourself from the best sides. Easily animate your character with your own movements. Using a webcam and microphone, Character Animator reads the expression of your face – lip movements, eyes and other facial expressions – to animate your character in real time. Your surprise, joy and anger are reflected in your character.
  • Animation for legs, arms and head. Reviving a character is not at all difficult. Control gestures (like waving hands) using a keyboard or MIDI device. Movement can be saved as buttons – they are easier to remember than command keys.


Create stunning animations in a few seconds. Create animation for cartoons, animated series and live broadcasts. Or play the character on social networks and surprise your friends.

New features of Adobe Character Animator CC 2019:

  • Characterizer . Create a stylized animated character based on a work of art, images from a webcam or Characterizer – using the technology of artificial intelligence Adobe Sensei.
  • Repetitions . Select the best movements and create triggers that can be quickly used in real time or during subsequent recording. You can even adjust the length of the replay according to the scene.
  • Magnets . Now your character can throw, drop, pick up objects, and also interact with other characters (for example, hold hands).
  • Additional features of physical properties to create more flexible animation . Adjust the softness settings in the physical properties area so that the character is more like a traditional animated animation.
  • Improvements in walking . New tags of the right and left shoulders and hips make it possible to improve when walking a picture of a character drawn by three quarters.
  • Version history bookmarks . Add bookmarks while working on a project to return to previous versions and track changes.
  • Other updates and improvements: improved automatic speech synchronization using Adobe Sensei technology, the ability to import SVG and EPS files, improved performance, and an improved workspace panel.


Features RePack’a: 
Type: installation. 
Languages: ML. 
Cut: nothing. 
Treatment: carried out.


Download the program Adobe Character Animator CC 2019 (790.97 MB): | | |


Useful links:

1. For those who do not start the program due to the absence of any * dll files (especially important when installing on a clean OS): Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2017 Redistributable Package x86 Visual C ++ 2005-2008 -2010-2012-2013-2017 Redistributable Package x86 / x64 2. For those who do not install the program due to some errors (Creative cloud should be removed before installation): Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool | Instructions for useInstallation Error Codes


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