Applore – Device Manager

Applore helps keep your phone clean, save memory space, remove cache, uninstall bulk apps, improve speed & battery, helps protect privacy, update apps, hide/disable apps, move, backup/restore app and lot more!!

Must have app for every Android phones

App Management
File Management
Duplicate finder and remover
RAM Cleaner
Privacy & Security
Junk files finder
unInstallation & Backup
Share Apps and files
App update notification
Insight of your phone

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File manager
Manage your files and folder like you do on desktop. search, copy, cut, paste, delete, move, rename, share, send, file property and more.
compress and decompress files
search and share files
multiple select, copy, cut and delete files
Find file by category, size, file type
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App Manager
Best tool to find insight of installed and System applications. Find latest, large memory, high cache memory apps and decide to bulk delete unimportant apps. The bulk uninstallation tool preview used device memory to be freed up space. Apps can be backup up and restore from google drive cloud, send/share apk files, check permissions used by app and hide/disable system applications.

RAM Cleaner
This helps device optimise RAM memory by cleaning garbage processes and files and make your device much faster for playing games. The RAM booster will help improve battery life and overall device performance.

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Permission & Security
The recent study shows that most of applications on google play store may privately accessing your data and considered to be dangerous for your privacy as they steal information such as contact, files, device location etc. The app help you know about what kind of information each application accessing so you can make best decision weather they should be used or removed.

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Apps Categorization
Are you looking to see what are the apps are game app or communication apps or health apps or utility apps. This is best tool to find our similar family of apps and make decision to keep apps or remove them.

Duplicate Files
Find duplicate files and remove multiple copy to claim device internal memory. We find only exact same file and display for you. The files coming from various user and group on social apps such as WhatsApp fill device space. The app ensure that one copy of file is left by selecting rest of files for deletion.

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About your Phone
To find everything about your phone. It will tell you all essential device features like sensors, system on your chips, battery, device temperature, camera, network and lot more.

fooView - Float Viewer


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