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How to operate:
– Select a character to enter the arena
– Left and right arrows control the character to move back and forth
– Racket button controls the shot
– Defeat your opponent to win

– completely free
– Exquisite graphics, smooth animation
– Cool special effects skills
– Rich character selection
– Challenge high-level characters
– Global leaderboard

Play badminton on your phone anytime, anywhere!

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— The major advantages of this game are:
1)It contains no ads
2)It has 5000+ levels
3)Works smooth even in low end device.
The best ball game available. If you are looking for some awesome stuff you are in the right place, get this game right now!!!– It is a cool game where you need to tap for the colored stack and the ball goes down, when you are able to break all the colored stacks it clears a level and in every next level the difficulty increases, tapping the player when the ball is in black stack ends the level and restarts the same level, let us see how far you can clear levels.

— Most Challenging Game !!! Are you ready for the challenge and complete all the levels ???

Features of Game:
— Game gets beautiful after completion of each level.
— Best time killer.
— Thousands of beautiful 3D Levels.
— Beautiful animations.
— Sounds of breaking stack and Vibrations you will fall in love with.
— Numerous Levels, 5000+
— Most Challenging Action+Arcade Game

Why so expensive?

Have you ever seen any game with 5000+ levels? well, after playing this game you will feel the game is worth it. All these levels in so less space, from High End device to Low End device the game works silky smooth, you do not believe it? Give it a try now!!

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Tama is a strategic board game for 1-2 players. You can play against any player or against the computer.

There are 3 different game modes:

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