The Description of checkers

Hello players,

I made my checkers app for me as good checkers and posted it for you as a free board game on stock.

I hope you enjoy it and enjoy the game. 🙂


Supports ten different laws of checkers

Ten levels of difficulties

Two player modes

– Game Assistant (Assistant)

Automatic function

Six themes (white, black, light, gold, art and black)

Two board views (top – 2d and Front – 3D)

Realistic graphics

Sound effects

Some help regarding the rules



English checkers also told the US checkers

– Russian craftsmanship

Brazilian checkers

International checkers

Spanish Checkers

Italian checkers

Thai checkers also called Makhos

– Turkey checkers

Check checkers

Pool checkers

You can help me and improve it.

If you have some comments and tips, you can write it here. I will study your analysis and proceed.

Thank you,

Alex F.


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