Connectify : Link the dots

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Connect the same colored dots in this classic game. Rules are simple and defined properly,
No tutorials required. Simple to learn, Hard to master.

Connect two dots of same color with a line, but do not cross any other line. As simple as that.

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Two kinds of props:
1, clothes
This is a necessity for rock climbing. For some ulterior motives, the two brothers need to take off one of their clothes each time they help each other to climb up. And if there is no clothes, if you are naked and go up, you don’t wear clothes. Will be frozen to death, game over.
2, big bird
Eat my big ostrich. Touching the big bird can bring the two brothers to go up more, but after flying a distance, they will exhaust themselves. Personally think that the best role of the big bird is to help fly to the right place to wear clothes, so that players can continue to live.

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