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Making a beautiful e-card with this app is now easy. Choose only one good security card from thousands of templates, add cute holiday stickers, write the heat text and decorate it, apply the amazing filter and effect, so you have a great e-mail to send your own loved ones. Card is
Creating E-Cards is faster and easier than ever!
★ Choose a holiday with a beautiful combination of holiday protection or love cards
★ Add text to the picture, and edit it with color, stroke, shade, nice fonts, teaching …
★ Decorate your security email with cute winter stickers
★ Apply special filter and effect to make your personal picture more amazing
★ Christmas photos of your personalized sharing in Facebook, Twitter or other social apps are very easy
★ You can choose your own beautiful picture on your device and create your environment
★ You can find your personalized card in the saved gallery, just browse and send your loved ones and friends.
★ Set Wallpaper to make your phone screen more beautiful
★ Creative Simple Image Templates are great for making your own free styles amazing images!
★ Birthday Templates To help you announce the birthday with your friends and family
★ Mother’s Day and Father’s Day E-card to show her love with mother and father. You can find them in the Family section
★ Inspiration picture to give you good day, coffee, and light on your day
★ Use Knight Knight section to send a sweet dream for your loved ones
Women’s day templates to send the most wishes for their beautiful women on March 8
★ Parents, Father’s Day, Thank you … Thank you for the great stickers that you like.
★ This Valentine theme to showcase your love on this special day
★ Powerful CoolGet Photographer and Photo Editor, which will help you to collect multiple images with multiple settings and image grid.
All items in this Security app are free. More security packs will be included soon. Let’s be your love life, holiday special and always happy if you do not have any opinion about this free Security Card Maker app, please send this email to:
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