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Cube Call Recorder Explains ACR
Cube Call Recorder allows you to easily record incoming and outgoing Outlook Phone calls and VOIP conversations.

The best part? it’s free!

► Cube supports call call:
– Phone calls
Skype 7, Skype Lite
– Wiber
– WhatsApp
– Hangouts
– Cook
slowed down
Coming soon!

– Currently, Jio4GVoice is not supported.
– Not all devices support VOIP recording. Below you can find a list of devices where the VOIP call recording feature is supported as much as possible. Please add your observation and experience as a relevant device.

※ Note
This app uses accessibility services.

► crystal clear sound quality!
Record your calls and conversations in your potential quality.

Easy to use!
Automatically record every call. Record each moment that starts;
Automatically record the selected contacts. List of people you always want to record;
– separation list. Create a contact list that will not be automatically recorded;
Manual manualing. Tap the middle call of the record button to only select the selected conversation or their parts;
App Playback Cube ACR is a built-in file explorer for your recording management, to play them, remove fly or export other services or devices;
Smart speaker switching Take the ear to your recording privately by taking the phone on the playback to switch from the loud speaker to the copper.
Starred Recording Mark key calls and filter them for quick access;
– Call back and open contact with the app.

Premium Features:
★ cloud backup Save your call recording to Google Drive and restore if something goes wrong.
★ pin lock Keep your recording safe from pedestrians and ears.
★ More audio formats. Record recorded in MP4 format and change their quality.
★ Save to SD card. Move your recording to an SD card and use it default secure location.
★ Shack Basket Shake your phone while recording your calls to mark the key part of the conversation.
★ Smart Storage Management. Automatically delete overtime unusual (unstarred) calls and ignore recording short calls.
★ Stealth mode. Remove the cube from the notifications bar from the app drawer and hide the recording widget.
★ Post call actions. Instantly play after interrupting a conversation, share or delete a recording.

► Works on tablets
Even if your device does not support cellular calls, you can use a cube call recorder to record skype, viber, voice app and other VOIP conversations.

※ Note
If it does not work on your device or you only listen to yourself at playback, try changing the settings by recording or use the speaker on Auto.

※ Legal notice
Law regarding phone call varies in different countries and states. Please, make sure that you or your Khalifa / Collar are not breaking the country’s laws. Always notify the calculation / collar that your conversation will be recorded and ask about their permission.

※ Contact us
If you have any questions or problems, please send us a message








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