Dial Lock – Call Locker

2.4 for Android

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Dial lock description – call locker
“Dial Lock” is a unique app, the only market in the market that prevents dialing using your phone.
“Dial lock” locks dialing while running other functions, the user can play, chat, VoIP ….. ….. but can not dial.
No kids call, pocket or random dialing
With “Dial Lock” you can safely leave your phone with your phone (or someone else).
“Dial Locker” saves your money, and prevents shameful situations.
No one can call your phone without your permission.
Using the game, chat, viber, skype, you can use it to avoid dialing …
Very user-friendly app locks and disables your phone dialing.
Locks dialing to prevent any illegal calls by bus and ease
You can lock or unlock your dialing, you can throw the application yourself, dial a widget or just fat code.
All application features may be password protected
Extremely customizable application, you can customize almost everything.
“Dial Locker” is the best way to use your phone with your children, friends, colleagues, or anyone else’s unpaid calls or additional charges.
The application is a complete description of how to use, is a good experience
Fully free app
Also you can buy for Pro Version:
No ads
2- Low table space
3- Low processing
4- Low battery consumption
5- Very low Internet consumption (send an analysis for continuous development).
Cost of less than 1 wrong with call-up and more with real low cost

Wait, install “Dial Lock”, get money, embarrassment and complete control over your mobile
Fight with your kids, do not pay your calls to stop apologizing for wrong calls.
Thank you for using our apps, waiting for your help to improve


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