Edit Website APK

Introducing Edit Website
An application which allows you to edit text of any website in real-time

List of features: 

Edit content of any website
Edit webpage content such as paragraphs, articles, headlines etc.

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Easy to use
To start you only need to load the website and then press button the the application toolbar(this looks like a pen). After that the the button change color to gold to indicate that you can now start editing text of the webpage.

The obvious use of this application would be to prank friends by changing headlines of news articles or paragraphs.

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The changes you have made are only stored locally on your device therefore after refreshing the webpage the changes will disappear.
Also this application will only work on the text content of the webpages, it will not allow you to change anything else.

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To turn the editing mode off simply tap again at the “Pen” button on the toolbar


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