The Description of iflyA380

Ready to join I380 lovers who have written books on their flights at iflyA380.com or have already written books on a fan? Improve better flight experience. With the ifiA380 app, you’ll be excited about flying again!

Choose: Find new places and encourage
• Browse geographic location, theme or all the A380 locations
• Apply floor app: Very cheap? Friendly family? You got the romantic escape.

FLY: Find your flight and books
• Redirect mobile websites to airlines and buy your tickets
• Scan your boarding pass
• Receive your flight status and real-time notifications

Love: Get more than your flight
• Exclude yourself as you fly in the flight as follows: Re: Cabin and contact a plane on a new way. See the cocktail and take a virtual move through the cabin.
• Point your device into the window and find out which approach is flying a plane
• Flight information in real time (height, speed, destination and more)

Profile: Enter your details and personalize your experience
• Create your user profile and enter your preferences
• Contact your social media accounts and contact fellow travelers


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