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An increasing library of free emoticons and funny stickers for the Messenger of the Messenger, Snapshot, VoiceSp, Facebook, Twitter, Wait, Instagram, Line, and other social media.

Smart stickers popups to help you express yourself fast.

Software themes are available according to your style.

Custom keyboard theme by selecting your own pictures, wallpaper, ammo wallpaper. You can also change the theme of the theme, customize the font style, font size and colors!

Customizable layout (one hand mode and split screen) to meet your needs. QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY specifically for pad tablets for phone mode and other configurations.

Irides Keyboard meets for all typing flavor? All colors, designs and themes. Support 50+ languages, ton emoji (smileys, emoticons), stickers, which typing should be boring?

Main Features

Fast and accurate

The Irides keyboard helps you quickly and accurately, and learn your own writing style. This means automatic input and word prediction that actually works because it comes with you. In addition, users can easily speed input input emoji, gifs, stickers and emotions.
The fastest keyboard automatically uses, so you can accurately type, without using incredible indicator, and save time!

Massively free stickers, emmes and color themes

Show your style on the apps’ keyboard with thousands of Edge Edges, stickers, atoms and personal themes, never have boring conversations with the apps of the apps!

Provide smart, optimization tips, and make your typing easy to recognize the mistake.

Support for different settings, most Android phones

Irides Keyboard offers different configurations for maximum Android phones, such as qwerty keyboard and QWERTZ keyboard.
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The Irides keyboard does not collect any personal data without your clear permission. We bring privacy very seriously.
Warning message says AIDS’s board may be able to submit? What types of types are you written, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers? The load is part of the Android operating system, when a third-party keyboard is active.
Happy typing!


Irides Keyboard screenshot 1 Irides Keyboard screenshot 2 Irides Keyboard screenshot 3








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