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Spanish Learn ເ ົ 🇲🇽, French 🇫🇷, Japanese 🇯🇵, Korean 🇰🇷, Italian タ, Chinese 🇨🇳, German 🇩 得, Russian 马 🇺, Arabic, Portuguese 🇵 티 도 キ, Danish 🇩🇰, Swedish 🇸 보, polish 🇵🇱, Norwegian 🇳🇴, Turkish 🇹🇷, Dutch 🇳🇱 or English also learn.

Remember to enjoy the language learning language with the language learning app.

Most of you enjoy learning, your skills will be more and more (and faster). That’s why entertainment is mixed with real life, remembering relevant content is a foreign language learning experience.

Memoord Award – Affiliate Language Learning app

★ 2018Google Play I / O Best App

★ Editor’s Choice

★ Top Manufacture

Do you want to connect to the world? Get ready for your next trip or adventure abroad? Improve your grammar? Or do you find the best way to learn a language? Then join our community for more than 35 million learners and promote real life language skills by using a rich type of sports and more than 30,000 local speaker video clips. Learning language is not so easy!

★ Learn with local people – Real people really help you learn in the context of everyday language

★ An exciting interactive language and a variety of words for you to learn and practice: speed review, listening skills, difficult words, classic reviews …

★ Identification Guide – Speak like a local and record your pronunciation as per the local speakers’

★ Offline mode – Learn online or offline languages ​​and put your skills in any way and even easier for you.

Do you remember the best language learning app?

For our international team, there is nothing special about the ability to connect with new countries and cultures by language, and we want to share it with you! So our language lessons are only useful, everyday words and phrases that enable you to communicate with real people.


Our talented linguists and language experts work with our global team of developers to make the oral courses and games that have simple, fun and everyone accessible.

Remember to learn a foreign language

Download the Memoise language learning app today, the best app for learning Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian, Turkish, Dutch and English.

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You will need to subscribe to memo to access all the curriculum and features. Courses and features available depending on your device’s language and language pair.

Once purchased, will be subscribed until the end of the current payment period is canceled. Subscriptions in your Google Play Store account can be managed or canceled.

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