LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects. 

The description of LightX

The Light X image is all free photo editor to create a collage, add frame frames to your photos, add stickers, cut and change the background of the image, make fading photos, make cartoon and create a decoration, make a sweet and photo picture. Change the hair color. Color spash effects, integrate images for the effects of dual and multiple display to edit photos and apply other devices. You can put text on your photos and make your text memories too.

You can edit images using different editing image editing tools such as color mixing, screen, surface and widget effects. You can edit the display of brightness, contrast, exhibition, hue, certification, shadows and photos. You can apply the array of photo filters such as Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glue, BW, Goggle and Photos.

LightX Photo Editor Offer:

1. Cutout and image background change
• Use Lasso Tool to recognize similar areas and change image background
• You can cut out on any photo background and create new content

2. Color Splash Image Effects
• Select various colors, light and gray image effects on different areas of the picture as selected
• Smart easy accessory to automatically select similar color splash areas

3. Integrate photos
• Mix the image to create impressive image effects
• Integrate images using different mix modes, such as dark mixture, lightweight mixture to make double exhibits, multiple display image effects

4. Professional photo editing tools
Use curve, surface and color balance to edit images.

5. Complete your own image and image
• Auto and manual mode to smooth and accelerate photos
• Auto-automatic filter range to choose
• Remove samples and boxes like places and marks from your face
• Change the hair color and use different hair
• How to make your teeth
• Smooth background of your photo images

6. Edit photos with photo filter limit
• Select and apply different image filters like Vintage, Retro, Black White, Resonance, Drama, Analog Filters and Glue Effects.
• Artistic filter range to get different gray shade, color shade and paint image effects

7. Advanced photo transmission tools
• Approaching the approach to editing crops, rotating rotation and approaching approaches.

8. Standard photo editing
• Edit images with different adjustment tools to change brightness, contrast, display, hi, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid-tones, highlights, temperature, tent and color.

9. Blogger Photo Editor
• Use mask for different mathematical effects such as lens matte, wool dust and faded background background.
Apply the impact on internal and external areas.

10. Shape caption
• Use the tool to improve the characteristics of your body
• Use a raptop device to get different cartoon and workچر effects

11. Image collage
• Create a photo collage by combining multiple images from a wide variety of college templates and grid settings
• You can resize your colleges, change the color of the background and the border thickness of your colleges.

12. Picture frame
• Place your photos in the graphic, birthday, color, vintage and fancy picture frame of photography.

13. Picture sticker
• Apply a lot of photo stickers such as love photo stickers, funny photo stickers, text photo stickers, birthday stickers, and more on your photos.
• Change the color and transparency of your stickers

14. Doodle and Drawing
• Use different dial brush options to drive on your photos
• Change the color, thickness and size of your doodle brush

15. Text on the picture
• Add different text to your photos and make text memories too
• Extra text thickness, color, fonts, option to change maturity

LightX download on android. This versatile image editor makes photography easy, fast and fun.



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