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  • Mi X Camera 🔥 - MI 10 Camera + screenshot 5MX X Camera Description – – MI 10 Camera +
    The MX-X camera is inspired by the MI-10 camera, which includes many useful features. With an X-X camera, you can get the features of a very good camera with MI 10 cameras, and much more.
    The XX camera is free and will help you take good pictures on all Android 4.2+ devices!

    MX Camera Features:
    – The X-X camera supports real-time live-stick stickers, embedded stickers and R filters to cool you and get ridiculous photos or videos.
    – The XX cameras have 200+ professional filters, with filter filters and other filtering filters to provide more advanced filters.
    – MX-X cameras support with skin tone, colorful lips, big eyes, face lift and so on.
    – The X-X camera is masked mask stickers to take beauty and funny selfie
    – The MX X camera has a cool seal sticker and watermark
    Long press the shutter to make short video or burst shooting.
    Support 4K, Ultra HD Camera
    Support HDR mode, take better pictures
    – Left to stick to zoom or zoom – move right shutter button
    Touch to focus
    Auto flash / off
    Professional mode: ISO, White balance, scene modes, exhibition compensation adjustment, and so on.
    – MX X camera support silent capture mode
    – Using the volume key with the help of volume with the help of the XX camera
    – MX-X camera support timer shot and burst shot
    – X-X camera support solution adjustment for camera and video
    Floating cameras shutter button to capture easy
    – Fill the light in the front camera to get better
    – Support short video, long press shutter to make your video
    Stamp images with date tags
    – Support quarrel shift photography to take pictures with matte background
    – xx cameras support widget function
    Manage easy-to-use albums for your photos
    – Default camera layout and reset
    White screen flash for front camera
    – grid line
    Mirror cameras

    The X-X camera also has an image editor in one of the following:
    Amazing filters and filters store
    – Support X-X Photo Editor Support crop and rotating the image
    – MX X Photo Editor Support Photo Adjustment: Contrast, Certification, Brightness and Head
    – You can doodle and text in the MMX Photo Editor
    Amazing background, Fonts and tags
    Conflict – Shift and Widget
    Image format
    Adjust the size of the image

    All notes:
    – Android ™ is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.
    MMX Camera is inspired by MI 10 cameras, this is not a official MI 10 camera

    Required important permission:
    1. Camera permission: Take photos and record video
    2. Access SD card: photos, manage album

    Please leave the rates and comments, you are helping MMM cameras make the best camera for you, thank you very much!

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