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Describe mobile encrypted codes
Scan your Android device and unlock hidden features, information, codes and hacks, you did not know earlier.
Now all these codes are not required to remember. With mobile encrypted codes, you can extract them directly from a finger tap!
The easiest dealer is to enter the app directly.
Access all mobile secret menus, hidden codes or menus easily, just tap! Find and enjoy hidden activists! Have more fun!
This app will help you find USSD codes for all mobile operators across the country.

Field mode, general examination mode, IMEI number, check call forwarding, sms message center, active call call, instant test menu,
Easily get your device information with mobile encrypted codes:
– Creates operating system information (release, fingerprints, id build … etc);
Screen information (height pixels, width pixels);
– Driveable information (icon height and width)
Device Information (brand, manufacturer, model … etc.)
Density information

Test device information easily with mobile encrypted codecs:
Vibration, flashlight, sensor, battery, bluetooth, wifi, shine.
Mobile Encrypted Codes: List all the hidden codes (hidden menus) on your device.
Firmware: Browse for stock firmware available online, for your phone and any other mobile model.
Available Manufacturers: Samsung, Sony, Opo, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Apple and others
Important features: Displays the following information about your phone.

▪ General Information:
Manufacturer / Brand
Phone model
Device type
– Product Name
– country of birth
Manufacturing date
Nixus Warranty zero
Color / Inner Storage

▪ CCC Information:
– Product Code
– Original CSS code
CSSC code of firmware
Active CSS code
– Abelbables CSC Codes
– ccc country
– Mobile operator

▪ Framework Information:
Boot loader version
PDA version
CCC version
Base Base Version
Latest firmware
– Old Version / Architecture (32/64 bit)
– Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik or Art)

Root exists
– Android version
– Making a number
Build fingerprints
Build detail
Build history
Change list

▪ Hardware Information:
Hardware / Board (CPU 32/64 bit)
Platform / Chip
GPU (graphics processing unit)
Modem board
Hardware analysis
Screen (physical size in integer, resolution in pixels, dp in dpp and ppi)
– Sound card
– Battery (Technology, MAH Capacity, Health)

Android Serial Number
Samsung Serial Number

Used Date:
Headset Connect Counter
Charger Connect Counter (Root Needs)
– The anti-pen pen (requires root, only for the Galaxy Note series).

▪ Monitoring:
– CPU / Battery / Ambient temperature
– CPU / memory usage
– Battery voltage / surface
– The power of the signal

One of the most common modes among today’s developers developers is to leave some sort of “background” within operating systems. This “badge” mandatory allows a user to be able to get into the system at a maximum level of depth, rather than expecting the general users. These backgrounds do not always want to be used for intimidation purposes, because they allow programmers to enter the system to resolve problems when other routine access methods have been stopped. And for developers, if you know what you’re doing, they can be very friendly and helpful. In this smartphone, these cookies are called “secret code”.
Important! Some manufacturers do not allow the use of these cods and they can not work on your device. Using a secret code you can edit certain parameters of your device. Use your risk!
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