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– Chance to get one! Realistically moving high definition real AR avatarPHOTO WITH K-POP DANCING QUEEN
– Commemorative shoot with chic Harbin at the place I want, with the angle I want.SNS / MESSENGER
– You can show off your pictures through social media and share with messenger

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👵 Get to your OLD FACE secrets<\b>
It’s a really funny, not scary way to instantly age your face pictures. Use this aging face scanner for your families, friends and colleagues, share the aged photos via social networks like instagram,
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👶 Future baby Forcast<\b>
You could actually HAVE a baby with your partner before you married. Give it a go just for fun! 
👯‍The Opposite gender version of you<\b>
Now you’ve got the chance to be another you, be free from gender shackles! Let the magic


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