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    Signing is an intuitive signature stand that gives you your own signature.

    You can draw your creative signature with your creative signature 90+ auto styles and with 1000+ colors and bigger than small x size sizes.

    We have used portrait mode to serve better.


    * Sign in: Sign in
    * Different fonts: Phone + 90 + different types
    * Pen thickness: adjust the thickness of the pen (X-x x large)
    * Pen color: Set pen color (1000 + color) with light / black and alpha adjustable
    * Background Color: Set background color (1000 + color) with light / black and alpha adjustable
    * Background Image: Gallery Background Image from Gallery, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Download
    * Drag, Scale, Rotate: The user can drag, scale the user, drag the signature to set the style.
    * Save: Store your signature in storage
    * Style: You can make your signature padded, Italy and managed.
    * See: See the signature signature already
    * Collection: See signature signature already
    * Share: Sign up the social platform
    * Reset: Replace the current signature current
    * Quick view: See the current signature
    * Delete: Delete the signature already signed
    * 2 modes: auto and manual
    * Entering your signature automatically signs 100+ icons
    * Contains a drawing point for manual sign, here the user has to sign in the signature sign.


    We need external storage to store a store / signature / signature.


    We are not using your signatures anywhere, to view and share your signature to store the storage in storage.

    Enjoy a free signature application for you and your family.







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