Stalk Scan

The description of Stalk Scan


Explanation of Stock Scan
Stock scanner for facebook

View public facebook information with our stock scanner tool

How To Use Stock Scan
1. Find a public profile link from your Facebook target
2. Enter your link, if you like, add options and click “Scan”.
3. Click on the information you want to get a list of details.

Hint: If you are logged in to your Facebook account, you can get more information.

Why should I log in to my Facebook account?
Because the user can disable someone who is not on Facebook. Do not worry, the target user never knows that you scanned a stock on it.


Does the stock scan violate the privacy settings of the Facebook?
no! Stock scan does not violate Facebook’s privacy settings. ‘Only me’ remains only ‘. It only shows hidden content that can access you.

in detail
StalkScan is an instrument that shows all public information for a Facebook profile. It does not include any hack or hacking, it shows public information only by looking for a Facebook official graph. Please be aware that the result depends on privacy settings: If information is only set on ‘Friends’, it will be displayed only to Facebook friends.



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