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Make a great looking video within minutes! VISMOTA is easy for filmmaker to add filters, themes, music, effects, and text to make your videos cool cool. Share these videos or Facebook, Instamamam, YouTube, Voices and one million users within our community!

Activate videos of your special moments, make funny or record yourself music videos with your video widget, the ultimate video creator! Record fast video, add effects, add music and make a work of art in a photo!

Some features of Visemoto –

• Powerful Video Editor – Clip, terminate and edit multiple videos to create the best piece of movie. You can add text, filter, themes, visual effects, and background music to change your video. You can also use your awesome reverse tool to play your video in reverse.
• Slideshow Maker – Change your photos to videos! Our awesome Slideshow Mac makes you a piece of music and visual arts. Choose your photos, a theme and music to create an amazing video slideshow in seconds!
• Video FX – Provide some of the best video effects on your video video app app. Add more than 40 + visual effects that are used in some Hollywood movies. Make your video a quick jazz
• Filters and themes – Choose from more than 20 visual filters and themes to take a look at the old school, private, romantic, Hollywood Block Blaster and more of your movie! Our themes provide the final set of visual filters with embedded music to give your video aerial
• Video and GIF Recorder: Vizmato is your own HD video and gif recorder! During real-time recording, you can use filters, themes and quick video FX limits. Record a fast or fast record in order to adjust the speed of your movie. Our easy-to-touch touch screen for GIFs and looped videos, record the best GIF loop
• Music – Choose your background music from 30+ free videos, or add your favorite music background to leave any of your videos! You can play the music while shooting videos to sync your lips!
• Gif Optimizer with Text – Our GIF creation is the best way to create great visual GIFs with easy-to-use text. Callout of our unique comedy book is great touch for any GIF. You can record GIF loops or make them from the current video.
• Audio FX – Our Voice Charger feature allows you to understand your sound like sounds, chats, past and more. Our Audio FX, Sound Effects and Music allows you to make the ultimate sound skype for your video!
• Watch videos – You can find videos created by other webmasters on our network. Watch countless hours of amazing download videos and share on your creative social media!
• Share- Share your creations with friends, family and everyone. You can export and share your videos on Facebook, Instant, YouTube, Twitter, Widespread, Alcohol, Snapshot, or any social network of your choice. Let others see your creatures

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